Arkösunds archipelago

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Where the road ends and the beautiful archipelago starts you will find Arkösund - the gateway to the archipelago. It is situated 50 km from Norrköping for those taking the land route. Many visitors also come by other routes. Stop at the quay, eat an ice cream, shop for smoked fish or sit down on a flat rock and see the vibrant boating in the waterway just outside. Here are swimming spots, sandy beaches, campgrounds, restaurants and hotels with good food and drink and live music. There are also marinas and all the services boating needs as boatyards, boat refueling station and business.

Hike along the boat jetties or swim from the rocks. Enjoy seafood delicacies in the hotel or restaurant. Go on music night or visit the Yellow House Isola Bella on Badholmarna where the exhibition "Life under the surface" appears. The adventurous can also go scavenger hunt underwater.

During the summer there are boat trips like Skärgårdslinjen that runs from Arkösund. Read more on www.skargardslinjen.comBook an archipelago experience package with a day tour with Skärgårdslinjen (The Archipelago Line) from Arkösund with stops at Harstena and overnight in Arkösund. Book here.

Arkösund archipelago is part of The Archipelago of Östergötland along with St Anna and Gryt archipelago. Read more here.

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