Broadway Konditori

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Broadway Café is a genuine 50th century cafe that is much more than just a bakery. Here is a bar with a wide selection of beers and an impressive amount of whiskey.

Dinner in the form of affordable home cooking can be obtained from Wednesday through Saturday when it is open to at least 22:00. A large outdoor terrace is open all summer.

Broadway has been a cafe and pastry since the house was built (1946) and was driven from the beginning of the legendary Astrid who fought on for 30 years and had open 06:00 to 23:00! No wonder she was a little grumpy and cross, but it was just that she became famous!

Today, Broadway's most famous for having been a pop group Eldkvarn old haunt. Plura and the others created their own favorites on the menu - fried egg on thékaka with hot chocolate and cream to drink. Broadway had its own song and had to stand for the name of the album "Kings of Broadway." Plurality comes today and have coffee when he is in town!

The very name of Bråddgatan said to come from a family that lived down the street and was called took after the last name. In the 40 - and 50-century Bråddgatan a real shopping street with bakeries, shoemakers, meat and grocery stores and furniture stores. Most felt it was for its fine Christmas decorations and Christmas shopping.

    • Address

      Broadway Konditori
      Bråddgatan 26
      602 22 Norrköping