Knäppingsborg quarter

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A unique environment in Norrkoping City. A historic neighborhood where the oldest buildings are from 1767. Now you can shop, snack, eat and enjoy life in Knäppingsborg.

No matter from which direction visitors enter the neighborhood, they encounter the exciting contrast between streets full of intimacy and the light from the three squares. Each square has its distinct identity, where companies gathered that strengthen each other. And in the cozy streets are stores where knowledgeable staff provides visitors with both personal service and friendly smiles.

The same closeness and warmth greets the visitor in the alleys and outside windows in a Knäppingsborg who brought Norrköping unique qualities. Happy friends and acquaintances can  exchange few words with each other. From the squares seating it is nice to just observe people. Others choose to relax at a café or on a terrace. Here at this unique setting next to the stream people com to listen to music without having to go to a concert and to see art without having to go to an art exhibition.

Welcome to take place on an exciting journey where this neighborhood of memories now face the future!

    • Address

      Kvarteret Knäppingsborg
      Skolgatan 1B
      602 25 Norrköping