Pappa Grappa


Pappa Grappa has been around Norrköping since 1996, driven in current ownership since 2005. Our various parts; The restaurant, food bar and terrace are three restaurants that still share the same ambition: to offer high quality and unique experiences.

Pappa Grappa - The Restaurant
Here is the raw material, taste and enjoyment in mind. With one foot in the Mediterranean and the other constantly searching the world for new tastes, techniques and combinations, we want to offer a unique experience.
Tel: +46 (0)11-18 00 14

Pappa Grappa - Food Bar
Simple, family friendly and good - obviously with wood oven pizza. The food bar is a tribute to Italian cuisine, with extra attention to craftsmanship and detail.
Tel: +46 (0)11-16 00 16

Pappa Grappa - The Terrace 
Norrköping shows off its best side. Our outdoor dining terrace offers aromas from the grill, long sunsets and views of the beautiful "Strömparken".

Participating restaurant in the giftcard The Taste of Norrköping 2018.


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    • Address

      Pappa Grappa
      Gamla Rådstugugatan 26-28
      602 24 Norrköping