Experience Norrköping AB
Experience Norrköping is the municipality's destination company with the task of making Norrköping one of Sweden's leading municipalities in events and to an attractive city for tourism. Our work contributes to giving our residents and visitors a wide range of experiences and activities, and thereby creates an attractive city and positive growth for the visitor industry in the municipality. The company has in recent years contributed to positioning the city as a successful event and visiting city. But there is additional potential to develop the city with its nodes as an attractive destination, together with the municipality, the business sector and the region.

Assignment / owner directives
Experience Norrköping has a coordinating responsibility to market Norrköping as an attractive place to visit together with the business community and the municipality. The company, in collaboration with other players, will actively work to strengthen Norrköping's position in the hospitality industry. The company will contribute to developing the visitor industry and thereby increase the number of jobs in the municipality.

Contributing to making Norrköping an attractive city to live in and visit.



As a journalist you are welcome to contact us. We know what's going on in Norrköping, everything from Kolmarden to Östergötland archipelago, events and nightlife. We also track how many visitors Norrköping has and where they come from. If you want to contact us click your way into the press room and find contact persons.

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